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Nov 9, 2019
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I am looking for a partner with my new patented Weight Loss System that has a Patented Weight Loss Shake that is different from the rest. It focuses on overweight people that want to prevent pre-diabetic and type II diabetes. There are over 30 million that have this condition due to weight problems and sugar build up. Then there are another 40 million who do not even know they have the issue.

There are only about 4 programs out there and a lot of scams out there. I have always a very progressive 14 day extreme meal plan and have experience of over 15 years plus classes in the area that I took along time ago. I also fight a pre-diabetic condition and type II condition off and on because of medication problems that cause me to gain severe weight all the time.

The Weight Loss System Book is now with Dorrance Publishing and should be completed in 30 days. In one day the book sold over 110 copies on Amazon's KDP and KU and KOLL.

What is good about it also is it is unique from other systems and utilizes temporary insulin use. Already over 30 million people use insulin and can take their insulin shot when they do the program in the morning or afternoon. The system is a well thought out program and should do well. The interest in it already is over 500 views and a 92 % rating. Even my domain is worth over $1,000 dollars in less than a month.

I am looking for an experienced partner that can help me with marketing portals to make a portal for the program that I will be charging around 15 dollars per month for. I also need a marketer that is experienced in content writing, web sales, portal design, and maintenance. I am also looking for a fitness/exercise person experienced to add to the book exercises and content information and potential web portal fitness/exercise content writer and illustrator for the program.

The market for legitimate weight loss industry is in the billions. Investment opportunity for about 3 people. I can work out an investment return for work completed in the project or Investment of about $10,000 per investor with a 5 to 10 percent return in profits I am only looking for about 5 investors. Potential is over 1 million over a period of time. The top three and only websites in the industry are getting 100,000 visitors per month. My contact information is if interested is: [email protected] - Stephanie Cole
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