Vintage Vietnam War Fulton MX991/U Morse Code, Waterproof, Right Angle Head, GI, Army, Moonbeam (Marine Corps) Flashlight

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Vintage Vietnam War Fulton MX991/U Morse Code, Waterproof, Right Angle Head, GI, Army, moonbeam (Marine Corps) Flashlight - color: olive drab, the standard issue for US military soldiers during the Vietnam War. It uses a standard incandescent bulb, and features a high-impact plastic body, a belt/equipment clip so that it may be fastened to a belt or strap, a tailcap lanyard ring, a multi-mode switch and tailcap with a storage compartment which houses a spare bulb and multiple colored plastic lenses which is not available on the telecommunications variant of the flashlight. Features: The multi-mode switch consists of three settings: Off, Signal, and On. When the switch is set to Signal, the user is able to press and hold a button located just above the switch to turn the light on, and it will switch off again when the button is released. This allows users to signal using Morse code. When the switch is moved up to the On position, the flashlight remains on without any further user interaction. It is popularly considered by many to be an ideal flashlight for camping or power outages, due to its utility and durable body. The flashlight can also accept custom bulbs such as modern LED lamp, which greatly extend the battery life and provide brighter light than the standard incandescent bulbs. It is still widely recognized or known as a "GI Flashlight" for its military history or a "Boy Scout Flashlight" in referral to its resemblance to the brass stamped angle-head flashlights issued to Boy Scouts in the mid-century. Tested, in Like-New condition. Selling for $30


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