Vintage 1960’s Boy Scouts of America No. 574 Yucca Pack

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Vintage 1960’s Boy Scouts of America No. 574 Yucca Pack - Boy Scouts of America, Hiking Gear, Vintage Camping Gear, Canvas Backpack. Made in the USA for the Boy Scouts of America by Diamond Brand. You can build a frame yourself using everything from metal tubing to scrap wood and occasionally even saplings or tree branches. A timeless classic that has carried gear unimaginable miles on countless treks through urban and wilderness environments alike. It's a simple design with only two pockets, one internal and a smaller external is for the most part adequate. It will serve you well and outlast many of it’s modern counterparts. Personal experience with canvas packs and sea bags leaves me noting that I have used the same canvas duffels for years while theoretically better bags have succumbed to the scrap heap due to everything from broken zippers to torn cloth that wouldn't take a patch. No tears or holes, all grommets and straps are in great shape. Measures. 22" H x 19 1/2" W. Accept Zelle or m.o.’s. Shipping not included in price. Selling For $30 obo.


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