Vault Media Shifts Gears to Offer PPE Supplies

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Apr 18, 2019
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Vault Media, LLC - small business that specializes in digital, print, web design and promotional material has shifted their efforts to assist healthcare providers obtain much needed PPE supplies. As the country takes measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, traditional lines of business for Vault Media were interrupted as conferences, trade shows and national events have been called off.

Hospitals and health systems have found themselves with a shortage of protective procedural masks that are necessary to minimize the transmission of the virus for patients and providers alike. Vault Media evaluated their supply lines to identify companies that have the ability to manufacture PPE supplies that are certified to meet current government requirements and has already helped a local healthcare system obtain much needed supplies.

Vault Media leadership felt that being a nimble small business allowed them to pivot their focus quickly and is proudly dedicated to assisting with procuring those supplies for organizations that still find themselves in need.

Contact us for pricing.

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