Tiny Home Perfect for a Fixer Upper

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Texas - TX
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Location: Howardwick, Texas 79226

Property type: Tiny Home / Fixer-upper / work shed

This is a plot of land (5800 sqft) with a small 150 sq ft shed that can be transformed into a tiny home or small cottage home.

Please note: There used to be large satellites on the property. I recently removed them. Only the shed remains. I cleaned it out some, but am selling it As-Is to someone who wants to fix it up. You can have everything in there that you see pictured, such as the equipment racks, desk and other (non-functioning) electronics. Thee is no bathroom; you would need to install one.

Utilities: There is an electric pole and meter already installed on the property.
Contact Greenbelt Electric and have them re-connect for a charge of only $35.
Water/sewer/waste - You'll need to contact Red River Water Authority

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