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Skin Care For Men

La Bella Radiance Men’s Shaving Gel contains aloe vera and grape seed extract which naturally lubricates and protects the skin for a clean smooth shave.

LBR Men’s Marine Therapy is a mineral-enriched facial wash that effectively cleanses, smooths and refreshes your skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. Perfect for all skin types!

LBR Men’s Cooling After Shave is calming and infused with aloe and cucumber extracts to help soothe razor burn, reduce irritation and refresh the skin.

Skin Care For Women

A skin care line that has the Internet buzzing! This 5 step complete system will have your skin hydrated, nourished, protected, exfoliated, and moisturized. A product line formulated to work synergistically together to leave you glowing and smiling. Powerful but yet gentle for all skin types and all ages.


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