New - Six Quarts of Sherwin-Williams - H&C SHIELD-CRETE Water Based Epoxy Beige/Ivory Deco-Flakes

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New - (6) Quarts of Sherwin-Williams - H&C SHIELD-CRETE Water Based Epoxy Beige/Ivory Deco-Flakes: I have 6 quarts (each quart contains 24 ounces of flakes, slightly more than 16 ounces/1 pound). Helps hide imperfections on the floor like small cracks or minor pitting. Simply broadcast the flakes by tossing them high into the air onto the wet surface. They also help hide imperfections. Use different chip blends for a distinct mix-and-match look! And remember that garage floors are just the beginning. The flakes can be used on any interior concrete floor, like basement floors, and some outdoor surfaces as well. Its a simple way to give concrete surfaces a professional looking finish at a fraction of the cost. Can be used on all interior concrete flooring including basement floors, laundry room floors, storage areas, commercial floors and warehouse floors. Hard, durable surface, resists wear and peeling. Superior adhesion, resists hot tire pick-up. High gloss epoxy with showroom quality appearance. Advanced polymer technology. It adds a bit of extra traction as well. Interior use only. New, never used, mint condition and sold in its unopened original factory sealed plastic packaging. Normally sells online for $20 + $10 shipping/container. Selling for $10.00 EACH or all six quarts for $60. Photos show results depending on amounts used.


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