New - 12' length x 4' Width Indo-Persian Burgundy Runner


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Mar 5, 2021
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New - 12' length x 4' width Indo-Persian Burgundy Runner - Burgundy is a dominant color that creates stunning homes and leaves lasting impressions on your guests. And what better way to incorporate this color than in a burgundy runner rug? Runners set the scene from room to room, uniting the decor of your house over a gorgeous and inviting backdrop. Though decorating with burgundy is often intimidating to novice designers, it can easily be used to good effect by anyone. All you need to do is pair it with: beige, gold, white, and pale blue. Adding a burgundy runner rug to your home's decor is a game-changer. And with hundreds of options, you'll find the perfect design for your style. You could use this burgundy/maroon runner rug in an open hallway with off-white walls, gold accents, and beige decor. The color combination will make the space feel regal and interesting without being overpowering. You might place this burgundy kitchen runner in a bright, chic kitchen with white walls and cabinets decorated with gold knobs. The burgundy will provide a striking contrast and make the kitchen feel warmer. You can also place this burgundy aisle runner in a minimalist living room decorated primarily with neutral colors. Using burgundy accent pillows on a white or beige couch would help the look feel more complete. Interior decorators love using bold colors like burgundy in a home's design. They consider how the room will impact people based on the color and layout, and then make decisions accordingly. In Feng Shui and color psychology, reds like burgundy are associated with: power, love, sensuality, creativity, luck, comfort, and excitement. Made of 100% luxury wool pile, and 3/4" thick. Hand crafted made in India. Mint condition. New. Sells for $1.250. Selling for $500


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New - 12' length x 4' Width Indo-Persian Burgundy Runner was posted on 04-18-2021 by G-Top 10 FB Seller in the Home & Garden forum.
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