Manual Bernzomatic Propane Torch Kit

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Manual Bernzomatic Propane Torch Kit - Choose the right torch for the right job. Designed for a variety of basic uses, such as, melting, plumbing, small diameter soldering, thawing, patina work, wood engraving, metal work, jewelry making, glass shaping, electrical soldering, searing & finishing meats & vegetables, brûlée & caramelizing, smoking cocktails, cleaning metal tools, burning sidewalk weeds, burning shrubs, lighting a fireplace/fire pit, lighting a charcoal grill, etc. This torch kit works well for DIY projects including small diameter soldering, as well as thawing frozen locks and pipes. The torch features a 1/2-inch wide pencil flame, durable brass construction, and an adjustable flame control knob. Kit includes a classic brass torch head and a FULL 14.1oz. propane fuel cylinder. Only to be used with a propane gas tank. Spark lighter not included. Excellent condition. Normally sells for $50. Selling for $35


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