Hoarding Explained - for Family & Friends of People with Hoarding Issues - 4/29/21



Sep 4, 2019
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Family & Friends – Hoarding Explained - a Virtual Seminar

Understanding Hoarding Behavior and How Not to Deal with It

Hoarding is an extremely complex issue. If you have family or friends that have issues with hoarding you might wonder why they do what they do. Or you might be embarrassed by their behavior and the unsightly mess in their home. Or you might have cut them out of your life completely.

Threatening to have everything removed from their home “because you care about them” – doesn’t work.
Threatening to cut off all ties to their grandkids if they don’t clean up their home – doesn’t work.

In this seminar you will:
  • Learn what hoarding is – and is not
  • Explore the complex issues surrounding hoarding
  • Learn how to understand and support your family member/friend
  • Learn ways to enable your family member/friend to start on the way to making changes
  • Learn how to help your family member/friend “let go” and start to declutter
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions

Family and Friends – Hoarding Explained

A Virtual Seminar

Session Information: Thursday, April 29th, 2021 - from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm - Mountain Time

This seminar offers a judgment-free environment for people that have family or friends with hoarding issues.

Early Registration required. Call or email for more information. Seminar Fee is $ 40.

Registration link: Family-and-Friends-Seminar / https://forms.gle/ettZFGhGCq29eaJL8

Email - [email protected]

*** Ask about our “Buried in Treasures” 16-week workshop for people with Hoarding issue


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