General Chemistry Alternative Textbook: A Tutorial Workbook


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Apr 15, 2019
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Most chemistry textbooks cost $350 or more; even renting a chemistry textbook could cost $100 or more, all for a book that most students won't even use, because they don't have the time to read 700 or more pages of complicated text, or because exam questions aren't taken from the textbook. This book provides an alternative to the textbook issues: A concise Introductory Chemistry and General Chemistry 1 tutorial workbook, which covers the major introductory and first semester college and high school chemistry topics that are tested on, with brief instructions, step by step solved examples, and practice exercises with answers, all in 138 pages, for only $29.95 for a new copy!
The topics covered include unit converstion dimensional analysis, density, mass, and volume calculations, how to name chemical compounds, all mole calculations, empirical and molecular formulas, percent composition, mole and mass calculations in chemical reactions, how to balance chemical reactions, molarity (concentration) calculations, and more!
Not only is this new workbook an excellent alternative to a textbook for college and high school chemistry classes, but it's perfect for military students and all students wanting to take the CLEP exam, or taking correspondence chemistry courses, or for pre-nursing and pre-health profession students; who want specific examples of what they need to know, without reading through several hundred pages of text.
This book will be one of the featured books at the upcoming Scottsdale Public Library Local Author Book Fair, Saturday, February 1st, from 10 AM to 2 PM, at the Civic Center Branch, located in Old Town at 3839 N Drinkwater Blvd.
A new copy or copies of the book may be purchased at the Book Fair, and you can meet and talk with the author, John, or to purchase a new copy or copies right now, go to the online booksellers or and enter keywords "John Ashby Chemistry" or any of the following book data:

Title: John Ashby "The Chemistry Tutor's" Guide To General Introductory Chemistry And General Chemistry I

ISBN: 9780975906606


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