Four Vintage Somax Model 360 (3 1/4") Iron Corner Clamps

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Vintage (4) Somax Model 360 (3 1/4") Iron Corner Clamps - Get perfect 90° angles with these corner clamps. Fixed at 90 degrees, it clamps miter joints or butt joints. Holds work up to 3 inches wide and leaves joints fully exposed for miter correction, doweling, gluing or nailing. Perfect fit for woodworking, fish tank fixing, cabinet and furniture connection, picture framing reinforcement, wood DIY project holding etc. Two countersunk holes permit the clamp to be bench top mounted. Four clamps mounted as such provide a rectangular clamping fixture of unlimited size. This right angle clamp can clamp different thicknesses of materials (wood, glass etc.) at the same time. Screws are plated, cold-drawn steel with smoothly rolled threads; steel sliding-pin handles. Each angle clamp with two steel screws and independently adjustable swivel jaws, just need one finger to revolve the screws, easy to operate. Also can be used for 45-degree sawing. Material: Full high quality durable metal. Made in Japan. Work great! Excellent condition. Selling for $15 EACH. All 4 for $60.


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