Awesome Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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New York
Heartwarming, adorable and lovable puppies These have been a ray of sunshine for our family. My three year old daughter has loved every second in their company, and can be found most days in the middle of them, playing, hugging, and laughing with them. The relationship they have is amazing to see. Therefore they are VERY wel socialised puppies.The mother will be here to greet you, and she has been such a ffaithful pet since we had her as a puppy some years ago. She has been ausome with our daughter, staying by her pram wherever we go.The puppies have had their first spin in the car which went well. They were vet checked all over, and received their first vaccinations. Their microchipeed flead and wormed and ready to go. Willing to ship separately. Text us for more details.


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