24 Hour Emergency Roof Tarp Service in Idaho Falls

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Apr 6, 2020
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Emergency Roof Tarp Service

Emergency Board Ups – Roof Tarps – Industrial Shrink Wrapping

Roof leaks? Broken window?

We can Tarp, Board up, or Shrink wrap anytjing!

With 15 years of experience specializing in emergency board ups, and
fire damaged buildings. We’ve seen it all. You can be confident that
Allen Emergency can secure your property from further damage until
repairs can be scheduled.

Call now, for a free quote (213)537-8713

Tarping a roof is a repair project to be completed only when a
professional contractor is not available, and the situation requires
immediate attention to prevent further damage.

If foul weather is on the way, you should consider calling Allen
Emergency for your 24hr emergency service needs. (213)537-8713

This type of emergency repair is only a temporary fix for a roof leak
and should only be completed in a safe environment with proper safety
equipment. Always be sure to have at least one additional person to
assist in the repair. Final repair is best left to someone who has the
equipment and skill to do it safely and permanently.

Wet rooftops are treacherous, particularly when wet and tarps are slippery even when dry.

Feelin the urge to get wet? Save a few bucks, then pay yourself …here are some helpfull tips for you do-it –yourselfers.

Roof tarp basics 101

Be careful

Don’t attempt to stand on a roof that is steeply pitched.

Don’t attempt to stand on a tarp-especially if it is wet.

Never attempt to go onto a roof during a storm.

How do you know if you have suffered roof damage after a storm has passed.

Pinpointing the exact location can be difficult if an obvious deformity is not identifiable.

Storm damage can range from large, highly visible dents, and tears to
almost undetectable indentations. Even small amounts of damage can harm
the surface of your roof and lead to deterioration over time. Leaks can
appear to start in one area, but water often moves in paths that are not

Before you decide to tarp a roof, first try to identify the roof leak’s origination.

Start by checking the underside of the roof sheathing for water stains.
Crawl up into the attic, have a look around to see if you can spot wear
that river is coming from draining into your living room. Survey the
roof with binoculars. Use a ladder if necessary.

O.K., this is ridicules’ but I have to say this. “Do not climb onto the
roof surface as it may be unstable.” Use a ladder if necessary.

There are several ways to evaluate the condition of a roof after a severe storm. Here are some no brainers to look for:

· Torn or missing shingles

· Dented metal roof vents

· Missing metal roof panels

· Broken or out of place tiles

· Roof indentations

· Water spots and signs of water caused by water leaking underneath the roof deck into the attic.


Emergencies rarely behave in the same manner, some adjustments to the plan may be necessary to complete the rooftarp.

Partially unroll or unfold enough of the tarp to cover the leaking
section of the roof from over peak to eaves, with an additional 2 feet
on each end. Cover the damaged area with a 6 mil or thicker plastic.

Roll 2, 3 - 2 inch rolls of plastic in your hand, creating a nail line,
place the tarp flat onto the roof surface, and sink your first nail in
the plastic nail line. To help prevent wind from shredding your hard
work you’ll need to pull the tarp tight as you sink a nail approximately
2 to 3 ft apart all the way around the and stretching the tarp tight
along eaves, parameter, and over the ridge.

Step safely down the ladder, dry off, and relax your done. Good job!

“NOTE TO ONE SELF “Make sure to place your material over the ridge!!!…
I’ve seen professional s installed just shy of the ridge. This allows
for water to run freely as it chooses right under the plastic and inside
your house. (This is the worst thing you can do to sabotage your own
hard work like this, other than falling to your death!)

If you have to do a roof tarp installation yourself, be careful.


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