Sold 0.24 Acres for Sale in Pueblo, Colorado

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Location: City
Location: State

Price of property: 3195.00
Monthly payment: 99.00 a month.
Down payment: 1.00
Closing costs: We pay all closing costs.
Interest rate: 6%

.24 acre parcel available in the family-friendly, welcoming, and historic town of Pueblo, located within the county of Pueblo, Colorado, just two hours south of Denver. This lovely and quint parcel can’t be missed just a few miles away from the amazing rapids of the Colorado River, and the towering Rockies Mountains visible from your front door. The Arkansas River in downtown Pueblo is well known for its riverwalk area and is known for featuring nearby rafting adventuring! Not to mention that the town of Pueblo is fantastic for families, featuring diverse dining selections, tons of museums, parks, theatres, and recreation all within the heart of the town. Furthermore, there are tons of State Parks nearby if you love exploring the great outdoors and wilderness! This parcel located in Pueblo won’t last long and financing options are available. As always, we recommend you to do your due diligence upon this parcel so you too can discover how amazing this piece of property is!

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Jim and Angela: 503 482 2089 or reach us at [email protected]


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