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Small Animal Veterinary Surgery: Specialist vet in Albuquerque

Our expertly trained veterinary technicians at Petroglyph Animal hospital in Albuquerque support the veterinarians providing small animal surgery. Our services come highly recommended. We have a large number of specialists under one roof that allows the best diagnostic and treatment options to animal patients including cats, dogs, birds, exotics and wildlife. We are here to provide the best possible care before and after surgery to your pet. Feel free to call us @ (505) 898-8874 or visit us!

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Advanced Emergency Vet Services in Albuquerque

Our Petroglyph Animal Hospital in Albuquerque provides emergency vet services for your pet. We provide 24 hour services, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Our team of experts work together and provide therapeutic services for your pet. We focus on compassion and respect for each pet. Your pets care is our priority. Call us during emergencies @ (505) 898-8874 or visit us online.

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Wondering Where to Get Puppy Shots in Albuquerque?

Petroglyph Animal Hospital has answers to all your problems related to your pets. Our well trained team of professional vets are experts in giving vaccination shots to your small pets. Keep your pet safe and healthy by providing them vaccinations on time without fail. Avail the facility of puppy shots in Albuquerque at our animal care or visit- https://www.pahvets. com/puppy-shots-albuquerque/

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Looking for a Renowned Animal Clinic in Albuquerque?

Petroglyph is an AAHA-accredited Animal Hospital which is among the most trusted animal clinic in Albuquerque. It provides wide range of medical facilities to pet owners, such as- medications, vaccinations, emergency vet services, exotic animal care, dental & surgical services etc. Our medical staff is adequately trained to take care of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and other exotic pets. Visit Petroglyph Animal Hospital @ https://www.pahvets. com/ for more information!

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