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Whos Getting AIDS? Why HIV Testing Is Still Important

HIV testing is important for your health, relationships, life, and future.Routine testing is part of preventive care. At Game Changer, we provide weekly free and out of the closet std testing. Early detection and treatment are important because it reduces patient mortality and prevents future HIV transmissions.We provide linkage to care services for patients testing positive for HIV or any of the STDs. Our main aim is to increase awareness and knowledge through innovative interventions and...

$0.00 Feb 21, 2019
Help Yourself With New Methods Of STD Testing

Being a natural desire, you may end up with sexual relations with strangers also in some cases. However, you never know if the person is infected with some sexually transmitted disease and you may be a victim of the infection or not. There are safe methods for getting STD tested with accurate results. It can help you take timely action before the infection spreads and let you down with tremendous results of a mistake which may be just due to poor time. The tests here are simple, and the...

$0.00 Feb 5, 2019

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