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1. Breathe Into Your Ribs (Not Just Your Abdomen) 2. Open Your Throat 3. Drop Your Jaw 4. Think Down for High Notes 5. Tongue Down 6. Chest Up 7. Stop Singing With So Many Hs And if you would like to learn all these techniques from professionals, please check this out: Professional Singing Methods http://microtechsoft .co/our-products/SuperiorSin gingMetho

Posted on Dec 11, 2018


Have something to say about the hip hop or want to promote your music/Album for free? Become a Birth of Hip Hop contributor. We are looking for forward minded individuals to help evolve the hip hop culture. You can submit your articles, music, Dance video, news and anything related to the hip hop. Well publish it to our website to give you maximum, exposure.

Bethesda, MD, USA, Maryland
Posted on Sep 29, 2018


Watch our latest videos of Hollywood gossips and news.It provide all the latest news behind the scene.

California, Indiana
Posted on Dec 14, 2018


What is the meaning of Life? Your search for the answer ends here. For thousands of years Man has searched for the true meaning of life. In SCIENTOLOGY, that search has culminated--for the secret has now been discovered. Here are the answers. And with exact SCIENTOLOGY techniques, you'll discover them for yourself. Because SCIENTOLOGY is the knowledge of YOU. --Master the very elements of survival and happiness --Resolve the puzzle of your own existence --Be, do and have what you want in...

Chatsworth, California
Posted on Dec 5, 2018


A filmed interview with L. RON HUBBARD, the founder of SCIENTOLOGY. Listen to him and hear the answers to questions such as. . . --What is SCIENTOLOGY and why is it considered to be a religion? --Does Man have a purpose and if so then what is it? --How can SCIENTOLOGY help the average man to improve his life? Watch the film and meet the man who founded a new religion in the atomic age, a globe spanning religion that is changing the face of Earth. This is a religion where science and...

Chatsworth, California
Posted on Nov 20, 2018


Have you ever felt there was something holding you down you in life? That there was something holding you back from achieving your goals? How about that generally something was stopping you from being who you want to be? Well, you were right. Truthfully, there is a single source of all your self-doubts, irrational behaviors and habits, anxieties and other emotional issues. As discussed in the book, DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH by L. Ron Hubbard, it's called the...

Chatsworth, California
Posted on Oct 31, 2018


Speedlight Duplication is a leading DVD Duplication Company in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Irrespective whether you are a business person, musician or in some other profession, you will get proper benefit of quality disc, packaging and print products from our firm. Duplication is an extremely cost-effective feature to get DVDs duplicated in a very short time interval. Sometimes people might get confused between duplication and replication but let us explain to you they both are different...

Chatsworth, California
Posted on Nov 20, 2018


Is hope possible? How about redemption? Is there a sure route to happiness? In THE WAY TO HAPPINESS film, based on the works of L. RON HUBBARD find the answers to these questions and more. Watch the film and learn the 21 universal concepts that makeup today's most broadly used common sense moral code. These principles are usable by anyone regardless of race, color or belief. When followed, one's own happiness and survival can be improved. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS on DVD, a film about...

Chatsworth, California
Posted on Dec 5, 2018


Retro Audio Workshop handcrafts innovative gear that looks, and feels vintage yet sounds state-of-the-art-Retro designs with modern features. Retro Audio Workshop designs speakers, microphones, tube preamps, tube DIs and other audio toys

Georgetown, Texas
Posted on Dec 1, 2018

400,007.00 Contact For Price

Gift your music lover friend a special gift that he will love - Saregama Carvaan which comes with 5000 evergreen songs from the most remarkable singers of the retro era.

Mumbai, Other
Posted on Oct 23, 2018


Birth of Hip Hop is looking for forward Minded individuals to help evolve The Hip Hop Culture. We are providing a platform for Enthusiastic Writers to pen vivacious narratives on major Hip Hop influencers of News, music, art, Dance, fashion and politics!

New York City, New York
Posted on Dec 5, 2018


Winners Take All - DVD I Desire - DVD (David Naughton) The Quest - DVD (1986 Henry Thomas) The kid with the 200 IQ - DVD Steele Justice - DVD Last Summer - DVD (1969) Hunter's Blood (1987) - DVD The Ghost of Flight 401 - DVD Ernest Borgnine The Stepford Children - DVD The Haunting of Sarah Hardy - DVD (1989) Being Bobby Brown TV series - DVD Mio in the land of Faraway - DVD '88 (Christian Bale) Angel 4:Undercover - DVD The Cay - DVD Wild Thing - DVD (Robert Knepper) First Love -...

Queens Village, New York
Posted on May 17, 2015


ALL of the events listed below in DVD format on an external 1 TeraByte USB Hard Drive for 275 USD, equating to LESS THAN 1 USD per DVD which INCLUDES THE COST OF THE HARD DRIVE!!! Only 1 complete set is available on physical DVDs with labels printed right on each disc. This is my own personal Complete set in zip case for ease of storage and viewing. When it is gone, they are gone on physical DVD for good. 350 USD including shipping within the USA & International...less than 1.25 USD per...

Richfield, Utah
Posted on Nov 24, 2018


Songs and hymns, have got immense popularity as they praise the lord in many ways. They enliven the atmosphere of the Church and are very popular amongst the congregation. Catholic music artists stir up the perfect atmosphere with their engaging songs, and are also loved by the masses. They are the best combination of lyrics and music.

Saint Peters, Other
Posted on Dec 6, 2018


Everyone have a story to be told, and when it is told they need it to be heard, just imagine writing a story you are extremely attached to and no one reads it, pathetic! It at least feels like it, you know it and the world knows it Animated Business Videos is one for the job! And we are the one for the job to make them for you, yes! We make whiteboards, flipbooks and every possible animation that you want for your personal use, for your business or for any other purpose as it pleases you.

Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Posted on Sep 7, 2018


Here you can listen to my music or buy the albums at very low prices. I hope you enjoy!

Turin, Other
Posted on Oct 12, 2018

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