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Apr 25, 2019
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Each of these shows is NON COPYRIGHTED and is currently in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, hence what you are paying for is the thousands of hours of labor in Digitally Restoring each of the 300 shows included in this collection!!!!

55 USD for ALL 13 Sets!!! It doesnt get any better than that!!

128Kbps CD Quality audio for ALL SHOWS!!! Here are 5 Very Cool Full Episodes for you to sample. The quality of these 5 shows is typical of most episodes in all 13 sets, ranging from lowest to best quality. Compare them with any other available versions and you will see there is no comparison. Each line below is a different episode. Just copy and paste them 1 at a time into your web browser. The links are encrypted and secure.!gW5CVKgR!v h9DQiWhkvuEskN0x6SB5 AE1GWF9rab5QqrBf1gag X0!tCgAHYjI!T N1LdyYmiUbaN47yd6bYg C0bD54ekf7XLNHC8djFw qs!tGpShKKI!g vZ5Yoode3LWpTiQt2Gq5 yS7dxS_fppVVnTyElHwe 1k!lfpiSAyA!F _pfI3hc9fkQlxzeoFsSh EbuH5F_TuZ2-VMIJAG-L_g!4PowlI4K!e VB-4Ye178d5Oc90Ur9p9jOx dKhkWQiSo531W1i-F6A

Contact me and I will send you a paypal invoice that you can use to securely remit payment. You may also send payment via paypal using the link below and include a note stating which SUSPENSE COLLECTION you would like for faster service. You will receive the link to download the collection usually within the hour, but if i am away it may take longer.

Once payment has been received, I will send you the link to download your shows. The link will be valid for 24 hours but if you need more time just let me know.

This is the BEST Quality set of SUSPENSE shows currently available ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! Yet, it is NOT the most complete. If you want every single episode, even in very poor quality or the same story reused with lesser calibre actors, then there are others freely available.

However, this set contains what I consider to be the VERY BEST of SUSPENSE and each show is far, far better quality than any other version available anywhere.

I have spent many years tracking down these shows from MANY difference sources (Official Cassette, LP Vinyl, Digital etc) and enhancing shows that are of lower audio quality so as to try to remove muffling, overblown sharp highs, enhance vocals, tighten bass, clean audio, remove hiss, pops, fix speed/pitch etc.

On every episode I also normalized the audio levels of speech throughout the episode and loud music/effects portions to be very close to that of the actual performance instead of 4-5 times the volume.

Quality will vary somewhat from episode to episode given the rarity of many of these shows. I have been working on restoring these episodes since 2014.

Please be aware that not all episodes are of perfect flawless quality, as source materials which would allow such restoration are extremely rare. However, about 3/5ths of the set or more are flawless or near perfect quality, about 2/5th are of very good quality and the rest are of good listenable quality.

I have done my very best to find ALL available good quality source material but it has been very difficult and arduous, as it seems that I am the only one worldwide undertaking such an endeavor.

ALL mp3 files are properly tagged and titled. MP3 metadata is also complete with artist, genre, album, album art etc so they will ALL properly show on ANY mp3 player or ipod.
These ARE NOT the same audio files available from RadioSpirits but i followed their collection listing as it is very good. I have heard their sets and the audio is really not very good and has many quality issues.

Suspense; Around the World -

42-09-23 A Passage to Benares (Paul Stewart)
42-10-27 The Lord of the Witch Doctors (1st Show with THE MAN IN BLACK Introducing)
43-08-28 The Kings Birthday (George Zucco, Ian Wolfe, Martin Koslick)
43-09-23 The Most Dangerous Game (Orson Welles, Keenan Wynn)
44-08-31 The Black Path of Fear (Brian Donlevy)
44-09-21 Bluebeard of Bellac (Merle Oberon)
47-10-09 The Man Who Liked Dickens (Richard Ney, Joseph Kerns)
48-09-09 The Big Shot (Burt Lancaster (Burts first performance on radio)
52-10-13 How Long Is The Night (Richard Widmark)
52-10-27 Allen In Wonderland (Cornell Wilde)
52-12-22 Arctic Rescue (Joseph Cotten)
53-01-09 Gold Of The Adomar (John Hodiak, Joseph Kearns)
54-12-23 Premonition (Lawrence Dobkin, Charlotte Lawrence)
55-05-17 Lili and the Colonel (Ramsey Hill, Joan Alderson)
55-09-20 Stool Pigeon (John Dehner, Parley Baer, Joseph Kearns)
56-04-03 Game Hunt (Raymond Lawrence, Joseph Kearns)
57-10-27 The Country of the Blind (Raymond Burr)
59-05-31 The Man Who Would Be King (Dan OHerlihy)
61-09-17 Green Idol (Parker Fennelly)
61-11-19 The Black Door (Robert Readick)

Suspense; At Work -

45-07-19 Bank Holiday (Bonita Granville, Elliott Lewis)
45-08-23 This Will Kill You (Dane Clark)
47-01-30 Three Blind Mice (Van Heflin, Cathy Lewis, William Johnstone, Wally Maher)
47-02-27 Three Faces at Midnight (William Bendix)
48-11-11 Muddy Track (Edmund OBrien, Ann Blythe)
49-04-07 Noose of Coincidence (Ronald Colman)
49-04-14 Murder in Black and White (Edmund Gwenn)
49-06-09 Lunch Kit (John Lund)
49-06-30 The Day I Died (Joseph Cotten)
49-09-22 Experiment 6-R (John Lund, William Conrad)
49-10-13 Account Payable (Edward Arnold)
51-02-01 Fragile-Contents Death (Paul Douglas)
51-06-07 Tell You Why I Shouldnt Die (Richard Widmark)
51-12-03 A Murderous Revision (Richard Widmark)
55-01-27 The Operation (Hy Averbach, Mary Jane Croft)
55-10-25 To None a Deadly Drug (Harry Bartell, Charlotte Lawrence)
56-01-17 End of the String (Stacy Harris)
56-06-12 A Matter of Timing (William Conrad, Stacy Harris)
56-08-08 Double Identity (Vic Perrin, William Conrad)
58-10-26 Headshrinker (Helmut Dantine, Nina Foch)

Suspense; Beyond Good and Evil -

43-12-09 The Night Reveals (Robert Young, Margo)
45-06-21 The Story of Ivy (Ann Richards)
45-06-28 The Dealings of Mr. Markham (Henry Daniell, Joan Loring)
45-07-05 The Last Detail (George Coulouris)
45-08-02 A Man in the House (Joan Lorring)
45-08-09 Murder for Myra (Lloyd Nolan)
45-09-20 Library Book (Myrna Loy)
45-10-11 Beyond Good and Evil (Joseph Cotten)
45-10-25 A Shroud for Sarah (Lucille Ball)
45-11-01 The Dunwich Horror (Ronald Colman) LQ
45-11-08 The Bet (Lee J. Cobb)
45-12-13 The Argyle Album (Robert Taylor)
45-12-20 Double Entry (Keenan Wynn, Hume Cronan)
46-01-31 The Long Shot (George Coulouris)
46-03-14 No More Alice (Paul Henried)
46-03-28 Out of Control (Brian Donlevy)
46-04-04 Post Mortem (Agnes Moorehead, Joseph Kerns)
46-04-18 The Night Reveals (Keenan Wynn, Cathy Lewis)
46-05-30 The Leading Citizen of Pratt County (Alan Hale)
46-06-06The High Wall (Robert Young)
46-07-25 Cant We Be Friends (Jerry Hausner, Irvin Lee, Elliott Lewis, Wally Maher, Betty Moran, Lurene Tuttle)
47-09-04 The Argyle Album (Edmond OBrien)
49-12-22 Double Entry (Eddie Cantor, Sidney Miller)
58-02-09 The Long Shot (Herbert Marshall)
58-11-02 The Dealings of Mr Markham (James Mason, Pamala Mason)

Suspense; Classics -

42-06-17 The Burning Court (Charles Ruggles, Julie Hayden)
42-06-24 Wet Saturday (Clarence Derwent)
42-12-15 Till Death Do Us Part (Peter Lorre, Alice Frost)
43-02-02 The Doctor Prescribed Death (Bela Lugosi)
43-12-16 Wet Saturday (Charles Laughton)
44-07-27 The Black Shawl (Maureen OSullivan, Dame Mae Whitty)
45-06-14 The Burning Court (Clifton Webb)
45-07-12 Footfalls (J. Carrol Naish)
45-08-30 Nobody Loves Me (Peter Lorre)
46-02-07 Too Little to Live On (George Murphy, Nancy Colman)
47-05-08 Dead Ernest (Wally Maher)
47-12-26 Too Little to Live On (Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson)
49-02-03 Backseat Driver (Marian Jordan, Jim Jordan aka Fibber McGee & Molly)
49-03-10 Three OClock (Van Heflin)
49-03-24 Dead Ernest (Pat OBrien)
49-03-31 You Cant Die Twice (Edward G. Robinson)
49-05-05 Death Has A Shadow (Bob Hope, William Conrad)
49-06-02 The Ten Years (Joan Crawford)
50-10-12 Rave Notice (Milton Berle)
50-12-07 After the Movies (Ray Milland, William Conrad)
50-12-28 A Ring for Marya (Cornel Wilde)
51-06-14 The Truth About Jerry Baxter (Gregory Peck)
52-10-20 The Death of Barbara Allen (Anne Baxter, William Conrad)
52-11-10 The Frightened City (Frank Lovejoy)
54-10-21 Rave Notice (Hans Conried)
55-07-19 Backseat Driver (Vivi Janis, Parley Baer)
55-09-27 The Frightened City (Harry Bartell)
58-06-01 Rave Notice (Vincent Price)

Suspense; Fear and Trembling -

42-08-19 The Cave of Ali Baba (Rodney Brent)
42-09-16 The Kettler Method (Rodger De Koven, John Gibson, Gloria Stewart)
42-09-30 One Hundred in the Dark (Eric Dressler, Alice Frost)
42-11-03 The Devil in the Summer House (Martin Gabel, Lesley Woods)
42-11-10 Will You Make a Bet with Death (Michael Fitzmaurice, Leslie Woods, Nicholas Joy)
42-11-17 Menace in Wax (Joseph Julian)
42-12-01 The Bride Vanishes
43-01-05 Nothing up My Sleeve (Elissa Landi, George Coulouris)
43-01-12 The Pit and the Pendulum (Henry Hull)
43-01-19 The Devils Saint (Peter Lorre)
43-02-16 In Fear and Trembling (Mary Astor)
43-03-23 The Customers Like Murder (Roland Young)
43-03-30 The Dead Sleep Lightly (Susan Hayward, Walter Hampton)
43-04-06 Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (Paul Lukas)
43-04-13 Fear Paints a Picture (Nancy Coleman)
43-04-20 The Moment of Darkness (Peter Lorre)
43-04-27 The Diary of Sophronia Winters (Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins)
43-05-04 Death Flies Blind (Richard Dix, Gale Page, Montegue Love)
43-05-11 Mr Markham, Antique Dealer (Paul Lukas, Heather Angel)
45-06-07 Two Sharp Knives (John Payne, Frank McHugh)

Suspense; Final Curtain -

56-11-18 The Long Night (Frank Lovejoy, Stacy Harris)
57-01-06 A Shipment of Mute Fate (Jack Kelly)
60-02-28 Lt Langers Last Collection (Frank Mellano, Murrey Forbes)
61-06-25 Call Me at Half Past (Bernard Grant, Elspeth Eric)
61-07-02 Night of the Storm (Rosemary Rice)
61-07-16 The Man Who Knew How to Hate (Leon Janney, Joan Lorring)
61-07-30 You Can Die Laughing (Larry Haynes, Evelyn Juster)
61-08-06 Bells (Bill Lipton, Rosemary Rice)
61-08-20 Murder Is a Matter of Opinion (Phillip Meader, Bill Lipton)
61-08-27 Sold To Satan (Kermit Murdock)
61-09-03 The Juvenile Rebellion (Jimsey Summers, Court Benson)
61-09-24 The Man in the Fog (Robert Dryden, Ethel Everett)
61-10-01 No Hiding Place (Court Benson, Grace Matthews)
61-10-08 Dreams (Phillip Sterling)
61-10-15 Seeds of Disaster (Bernard Grant)
61-11-12 The Imposters (Reynold Osborne, Cherita Bauer)
61-11-26 Man Trap (Don McLaughlin, Ralph Bell)
61-12-03 The Luck of the Tiger Eye (Joan Lorring, Leon Janney)
62-01-14 Feathers (Lawson Zerbie)
62-02-04 Friday (Ivor Francis)
62-02-11 The Man Who Went Back to Save Lincoln (Ian Martin, Jim Boles, Ralph Bell)
62-03-11 Heads You Lose (William Redfield)
62-04-01 You Died Last Night (Robert Readick, Santos Ortega)
62-04-22 The Curse of Kamoshek (Ian Martin)
62-04-29 Blackbeards Ace (Elaine Ross)
62-05-06 The Second Door (Robert Readick)
62-05-13 Hide and Seek (Jackson Beck, William Redfield)
62-06-10 Formula for Death (Ivor Francis)
62-08-05 Run Faster (Bill Lipton, Jimmie Blaine)
62-09-30 Devilstone (Chris Carey, Neil Fitzgerald)

Suspense; Omnibus -

42-11-24 019 The Body Snatchers
44-02-17 Life Ends at Midnight (Dane Clark, Fay Bainter, Ralph Morgan)
44-04-20 The Palmer Method (Ed Gardner)
44-05-04 The Dark Tower (Orson Welles)
44-11-09 You Were Wonderful (Lena Horne)
45-04-05 A Guy Gets Lonely (Dane Clark)
45-04-19 Pearls Are a Nuisance (William Bendix, Alan Joslyn)
45-05-17 Two Birds with One Stone (Dana Andrews)
46-01-24 My Dear Niece (Dame Mae Whitty, Wally Maher)
46-04-11 The Name of the Beast (Vincent Price, Elliott Lewis)
46-07-11 Feast of the Furies (Sheldon Leonard, Elliot Reid)
47-01-02 Tree of Life (Mark Stevens, Hans Conreid)
47-09-11 The Twist (Michael OShea)
48-03-13 Nightmare (Eddie Bracken, William Conrad)
49-09-08 Chicken Feed (Ray Milland, William Conrad)
49-09-29 Blind Date (Charles Laughton, June Havoc)
50-02-23 Slow Burn (Dick Powell)
50-04-20 Pearls Are a Nuisance (Ray Milland)
51-05-03 When the Bough Breaks (Rosalind Russell)
51-09-17 Neal Cream, Doctor of Poison (Charles Laughton)
55-02-17 The Man with the Steel Teeth (John Dehner)

Suspense; Stars On Suspense -

42-06-17 The Burning Court (Charles Ruggles, Julie Hayden)
42-09-16 The Kettler Method (Rodger De Koven, John Gibson, Gloria Stewart)
42-09-23 A Passage to Benares (Paul Stewart)
42-09-30 One Hundred in the Dark (Eric Dressler, Alice Frost)
42-12-22 Two Sharp Knives (Stewart Erwin)
43-01-12 The Pit and the Pendulum (Henry Hull)
43-02-16 In Fear and Trembling (Mary Astor)
43-06-22 The Man Without a Body (John Sutton, George Zucco)
43-07-20 Murder Goes for a Swim (Warran William, Eric Blore)
43-12-02 The Black Curtain (Cary Grant)
44-01-20 A World of Darkness (Paul Lukas)
44-01-27 The Locked Room (Virginia Bruce, Allan Joslyn)
44-03-23 Sneak Preview (Joseph Cotten, Hans Conried)
44-03-30 Cat and Mouse (Sonny Tufts)
44-04-13 The Marvelous Barastro (Orson Welles)
44-06-01 Fugue in C-Minor (Ida Lupino, Vincent Price)
44-06-08 Case History on Edgar Lowndes (Thomas Mitchell, Donald Crisp)
44-06-15 A Friend to Alexander (Geraldine Fitzgerald)
44-07-13 The Beast Must Die (Herbert Marshall)
44-08-03 Banquos Chair (Donald Crisp, John Loder, Hans Conried)
44-08-17 The Diary of Sophronia Winters (Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins)
44-08-24 Actors Blood (Fredric March, Ben Hecht)
44-08-31 The Black Path of Fear (Brian Donlevy)
44-09-14 Youll Never See Me Again (Joseph Cotten)
44-09-21 Bluebeard of Bellac (Merle Oberon)
44-10-12 The Merry Widower (Reggie Gardner)
45-05-31 August Heat (Ronald Colman, Dennis Hoey)
46-01-17 The Pasteboard Box (Joseph Cotten)
46-11-21 Drive-In (Judy Garland, Cathy Lewis)
47-09-18 The Visitor (Donald OConnor)
47-12-05 The Clock and the Rope (Jackie Cooper)
47-12-12 The Man Who Couldnt Lose (Dan Duryea, Cathy Lewis)
48-07-15 Summer Night (Ida Lupino)
48-07-22 Deep into Darkness (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.)
48-07-29 Yellow Wall-paper (Agnes Moorehead)
48-08-05 An Honest Man (Charles Laughton)
48-08-12 Beware the Quiet Man (Ann Southern, William Conrad)
48-08-19 Crisis (Martha Scott)
48-08-26 Song of the Heart (Van Heflin)
48-09-02 The Morrison Affair (Madeleine Carroll)
48-09-09 The Big Shot (Burt Lancaster (Burts first performance on radio)
48-09-16 Hitch-Hike Poker (Gregory Peck)
48-09-30 The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson
48-10-07 Night Cry (Ray Milland)
48-10-21 Give Me Liberty (William Powell)
48-11-04 Death Sentence (John Garfield, Raymond Burr)
48-11-11 Muddy Track (Edmund OBrien, Ann Blythe)
48-11-18 Sorry, Wrong Number (Agnes Moorehead)
48-11-25 The Screaming Woman (Margaret OBrien)
48-12-02 The Hands of Mr Ottermole (Vincent Price, Claude Raines)
48-12-09 The Sisters (Rosalind Russell, Lurene Tuttle)
48-12-16 No Escape (James Cagney)
48-12-23 Holiday Story (Herbert Marshall)
48-12-30 Break-Up (William Bendix, Wally Maher)
49-01-06 To Find Help (Gene Kelly, Ethel Barrymore, William Conrad)
49-01-20 If the Dead Could Talk (Dana Andrews)
49-02-10 De Mortuis (Charles Laughton)
49-02-17 Catch Me If You Can (Jane Wyman)
61-07-16 The Man Who Knew How to Hate (Leon Janney, Joan Lorring)

Suspense; Tales Well Calculated -

50-09-14-Over the Bounding Main (Dan Dailey, William Conrad)
50-09-21 The Crowd (Dana Andrews)
50-09-28 Fly by Night (Joseph Cotten)
50-10-05 The Rose Garden (Miriam Hopkins)
50-10-26 Too Hot to Live (Richard Widmark)
50-11-23 Going, Going Gone (Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson)
50-12-14 A Killing in Abilene (Alan Ladd, Barton Yarborough, Parley Baer)
50-12-21 Christmas for Carol (Dennis Day)
51-02-08 The Windy City Six (Fred MacMurray)
51-02-15 The Death Parade (Agnes Moorehead)
51-03-01 The Gift of Jumbo Brannigan (William Bendix)
51-03-08 A Vision of Death (Ronald Colman)
51-03-22 Three Lethal Words (Joan Crawford)
51-05-10 Death on My Hands (Phil Harris, Alice Faye)
51-06-28 The Case for Dr Singer (Joseph Kearns, Larry Thor)
51-08-27 Report on the Jolly Death Riders (William Holden)
51-09-10 The Evil of Adelaide Winters (Agnes Moorehead)
51-10-29 The Hunting of Bob Lee (Richard Widmark, William Conrad)
51-12-31 Rogue Male (Herbert Marshall)
52-03-31 The Lady Pamela (Deborah Kerr)
54-06-29 Too Hot to Live (Sam Edwards, Paul Frees)
55-05-10 Going, Going, Gone (Tom Brown, Eve McVey, Joseph Kearns)
55-06-21 Over the Bounding Main (Tony Barrett)
59-04-12 Too Hot to Live (Van Heflin)

Suspense; Ties That Bind -

43-09-16 The Cross-Eyed Bear (Virginia Bruce, John Loder)
45-01-04 I Had An Alibi (Keenan Wynn)
45-02-22 John Barbey and Son (Thomas Mitchell)
45-03-29 The Taming of the Beast (Nancy Kelly, Helmut Dantine)
46-05-16 The Plan (Claire Trevor)
46-08-29 Blue Eyes (Hume Cronyn)
47-01-09 The Will To Power (Dan Duryea, Howard Duff, Cathy Lewis)
47-01-16 Overture in Two Keys (Joan Bennett, Howard Duff)
47-06-26 Phobia (Eva La Gallienne)
47-07-24 Murder by an Expert (Lynn Bari)
48-09-30 The Man Who Thought He Was Edward G. Robinson
49-03-03 The Lovebirds (Joan Fontaine)
49-04-28 The Lie (Mickey Rooney)
49-05-26 The Night Reveals (Fredrick March)
52-12-29 Melody in Dreams (John Lund)
54-07-20 Telling (Antony Ellis)
54-07-27 Destruction (Larry Dobkin, Paula Winslowe)
56-02-07 Variations on a Theme (Parley Baer)
59-11-15 The Companion (Virginia Payne, Elizabeth Lawrence)
61-10-29 Death of an Old Flame (Larry Haynes, Teri Keane, Ralph Bell)
61-12-10 And So to Sleep My Love (William Redfield)

Suspense; Wages of Sin -

49-09-15 Last Confession (Dorothy McGuire)
49-10-20 Good Night Mrs Russell (Bette Davis)
49-10-27 Momentum (Victor Mature)
49-11-03 The Search for Isabell (Red Skelton, William Conrad)
49-11-24 The Long Wait (Burt Lancaster)
50-01-26 Mr Diogenes (Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson).
50-04-13 Six Feet Under (Dan Dailey)
50-05-18 Angel Face (Claire Trevor)
50-10-19 The Wages of Sin (Barbara Stanwyck)
50-11-30 The Lady in the Red Hat (Van Heflin)
51-01-11 Vamp Till Dead (Ginger Rogers)
51-05-17 Another Mans Poison (Charles Boyer)
51-06-21 The Greatest Thief in the World (James Mason)
51-09-03 Steel River Prison Break (Jeff Chandler)
51-10-22 The Log of the Marne (Ray Milland)
52-01-28 Carnivale (Joseph Cotten)
52-02-11 Odd Man Out (James Mason)
52-04-07 Remember Me (Dan Duryea)
52-04-14 Mate Bram (Richard Widmark)
52-11-24 Mann Alive (Paul Douglas, William Conrad)

The Best of Suspense -

42-09-02 The Hitch-Hiker (Orson Welles)
43-11-09 Cabin B-13 (Margo, Philip Dorn)
43-11-23 The Strange Death of Charles Umberstein (Vincent Price, Hans Conried)
43-12-23 Back for Christmas (Peter Lorre)
44-01-13 Dime A Dance (Lucille Ball)
44-02-24 Sorry, Wrong Number (Agnes Moorehead)
44-05-04 The Dark Tower (Orson Welles)
44-05-18 Donovans Brain, Part One (Orson Welles)
44-05-25 Donovans Brain, Part Two (Orson Welles)
44-06-29 The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Keenan Wynn)
45-02-01 The Most Dangerous Game (Joseph Cotten, J. Carroll Naish)
46-05-02 Crime Without Passion (Joseph Cotten)
46-09-05 Youll Never See Me Again (Robert Young)
46-09-12 Hunting Trip (Vincent Price, Lloyd Nolan)
46-12-05 The House in Cypress Canyon (Robert Taylor, Cathy Lewis, Howard Duff)
46-12-19 The Thing in the Window (Joseph Cotten, Jerry Hausner, Cathy Lewis)
47-05-08 Dead Ernest (Wally Maher, Howard Duff)
49-02-03 Backseat Driver (Marian Jordan, Jim Jordan aka Fibber McGee & Molly)
49-06-16 The Trap (Agnes Moorehead)
49-06-23 Ghost Hunt (Ralph Edwards)
49-11-03 The Search for Isabell (Red Skelton, William Conrad)
49-11-17 The Red-Headed Woman (Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz)
49-12-01 Mission Completed (James Stewart)
49-12-29 The Bullet (Ida Lupino, William Conrad, John Dehner)
50-11-16 On a Country Road (Cary Grant, Cathy Lewis)
52-02-04 The Treasure Chest of Don Jose (J. Carroll Naish)
52-03-17 The Wreck of the Old 97 (Frank Lovejoy)
53-11-16 The Moonstone - Part One (Peter Lawford)
53-11-23 The Moonstone - Part Two (Peter Lawford)
54-06-15 The Earth Is Made of Glass (Joseph Kearns)
54-11-04 The Last Letter of Dr Bronson (John Dehner)
55-03-01 The Screaming Woman (Sherry Jackson, Paula Winslowe, John Dehner)
55-04-05 Zero Hour (John Dehner, Evelyn Ashdowne, Parley Baer)
55-07-12 Kaleidoscope (William Conrad, Howard McNear, Parley Baer, John Dehner)
55-12-20 The Cave (Richard Beals, Billy Chapin, John Dehner)
56-05-01 The Waxwork (William Conrad Voices ALL CHARACTERS)
56-11-11 Three Skeleton Key (Vincent Price, John Dehner, Ben Wright)
57-03-03 Present Tense (Vincent Price)
57-08-25 Leiningen versus the Ants (William Conrad)
61-11-19 The Black Door (Robert Readick)
62-05-06 The Second Door (Robert Readick) SUSPENSE 2.jpg
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