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Apr 18, 2019
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As a privately owned and independent global private investment office, Sunpointe delivers expert investment advice to private clients, multi-generational families, foundations and endowments. Sunpointe was founded with one overarching goal: to assemble exceptional research and institutional quality investment talent to provide thoughtful, thematic and transparent advice. We combine access and top quality resources with independence, flexibility and the professional intensity of a boutique principal investment platform.

Sunpointe delivers an exceptional client experience through the team at your meetings, a distinctive research process, and performance driven advice.

Intuitive Portfolio Approach

Our portfolio approach allows you to view your portfolio in two broad categories: risky assets and risk mitigation assets. We then break that down further into four functional categories as in the diagram below. This intuitive design permits easily understood communications about the portfolio between you and Sunpointe to achieve the best possible outcome. Furthermore, we can use this framework to customize unique strategies for each client according to their needs, market expectations and risk tolerance.

Better Decision Making

Most investors are not able to realize market returns! Why? Their behavioral biases stand in the way! Michael Pompian has spent nearly twenty years writing and lecturing on the importance of understanding and managing behavior during the investment process. At Sunpointe, we believe that investment success relies on discipline: removing emotion from the investing equation. Discipline involves investing for the long-term instead of trading for the short term. Our job is to help clients identify and manage behavioral biases and by doing so permit long term investment success.

Total Advisory Approach

We provide a total advisory solution that combines investment services with the functions of the family office. We can be a resource in the following ways:

• Family office set up or optimization
• Strategy and structure analysis
• Outsourced investment office
• Service providers optimization
• Investment due diligence
• Investment committee support
• Legacy privates portfolio optimization
• Strategic advisory
• Consolidated reporting
• Special projects and research
• Balance sheet analysis
• Cash flow analysis
• Liquidity analysis
• Fees analysis

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