Single Family Home Priced to Sell in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania


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Port Allegany
Pennsylvania - PA
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Property located at 21 Pine Street, Port Allegany, PA 16743 within McKean County. This home Features 2 Bedrooms and 1.5 baths, living space approx. 1,290 square feet. Property was Built in 1900. This is a recent Foreclosure Being sold as is! Property Lot Size is approx. 33 ft X 78 ft making this approx. 2,574 square feet also known as: 0.06 acres of land. Located just off of N Main Street near, Serenity Glass Park Museum, churches, eateries, Library, and schools. Cement Driveway perfect for off street parking! Since this property is just out of foreclosure seller would not have Any type of previous information nor details of its rent/lease amount payment etc. Seller is only interested in liquidating default assets and does not contact tenants nor does our office. New buyer to workout rent/lease payment/terms or evict tenant etc. Once sale is Complete! This is a drive by showing only! As per the seller! Please Do Not Disturb Occupants. Our office has over 90 Nationwide Assets to liquidate. 40 being in MI. average price $3,900 to $12,900. All offered well below wholesale value, if interested, please email our office for a complete list.


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