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Are movies getting better or worse as time goes by?

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Vintage Shack

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New York
Panther - DVD (Kadeem Hardison)
I Desire - DVD (David Naughton)
The Quest - DVD (1986 Henry Thomas)
The kid with the 200 IQ - DVD
Last Summer - DVD (1969)
Hunter's Blood (1987) - DVD
The Ghost of Flight 401 - DVD Ernest Borgnine
The Stepford Children - DVD
The Haunting of Sarah Hardy - DVD (1989)
Being Bobby Brown TV series - DVD
Mio in the land of Faraway - DVD '88 (Christian Bale)
Angel 4:Undercover - DVD
Two came back - DVD (Jonathan Brandis)
First Love - DVD (William Katt, Susan Dey)
Interzone - DVD
Road Rage - (Yasmine Bleeth) DVD
Johnny Dark - DVD (Tony Curtis) 1954
No place like home - DVD (Christine Lahti, Jeff Daniels)
Neon City - DVD
Sapphire - DVD (1959)
Tougher than leather - DVD
When Michael Calls - DVD
The people- DVD (William Shatner '72)
Beverly Hills Madam (Faye Dunaway) - DVD
Kiss meets the phantom of the park - DVD (rare tv movie from the 70s)


The Last American Virgin Soundtrack CD

Zapped! Soundtrack CD

That Summer! '79 Soundtrack CD

Last Summer Soundtrack '69 CD

RAD Soundtrack CD

The day my kid went punk DVD (afterschool Special)
From Earth to the Moon DVD
Private Lessons uncut version - DVD
Where have all the people gone? DVD
Purple People Eater (1988) - DVD (Neil Patrick Harris)
The Peanut Butter Solution - DVD
Demon Wind - DVD (1990)
Coldblooded (Jason Priestley) - DVD
The Rescue - DVD
Chance of a Lifetime (Betty White) - DVD
Double Standard (Robert Foxworth) - DVD
Drop Dead Fred - DVD
Lucy Gallant - DVD (Jane Wyman)
Strange Voices (1987) - DVD
Making Contact DVD
Satan's Triangle - DVD
Tilt - DVD (Brooke Shields)
The Ryan White Story - DVD
Sudden Death - DVD (aka "Dirty Harriet")
Kiss (Rock band) attack of the phantoms 1978 - DVD
Two kinds of love - DVD Lindsay Wagner
Intimate Strangers (Sally Struthers, Dennis Weaver) DVD
All Summer in a Day DVD
Hey I'm Alive '75- DVD
Mean Dog Blues'78 - DVD
The Promise (1979) - DVD

And much more... (If you don't see it on the site just ask, we may have it offline)



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