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The UFO LED lights are very popular in lighting the warehouses, manufacturing facilities; grow lights, cold storages, and many other commercial and industrial units where utmost brightness is mandatory to accomplish the task. These lights are a better and enhanced substituent of the classic warehouse lights that still takes much of power does not emit brighter lights when compared to money savor LED UFO high bay lights.

Today these lights are becoming the first choice of commercial and even residential lighting, and one among them is ufo high bay led fixtures that produce a sufficient amount of lighting to illuminate the entire place.

Benefits are the further specifications of 150w LED UFO high bay lights:
  • The sleek and thin design will surely motivate you to start buying 150w LED UFO high bay for your business, this product yields approximately 130 lumens per watt. Also, the most advanced latest Phillips Luxeon SMD 3030 LED modules are used in these lights for exceptional amazing results.
  • The 150w LED UFO high bay is UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approved and is considered as one of the brightest UFO high bay light to illuminate the surroundings.
  • This high bay light uses just 150 watts of power to offer 20000+ lumens and its Color Temperature is 5700K which is sufficient enough to make the things more clear and visible. You can replace your 400w metal halide light and start using 150w LED UFO high bay and can make a lot of savings.
  • The Aluminum Housing with high tech Heat Sink protects the light from getting heated even if used for a continuous period of time. IP65 Waterproof feature makes it perfect to use during all kind of weathers.
  • The 150w LED UFO high bay comes with a 5-year warranty, and the customers are entitled to get rebates from mostly all the electric companies.
The usage of this eco-friendly 150w LED UFO high bay lights are limited to just factories only, you can use them at various other places including supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, shops, street lights, hotels among many other areas.


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Today we all are familiar with the term LED Downlights that is increasingly becoming a perfect lighting choice for the homes and indoor commercial places as well. Installing LED downlight will give maximum lighting results and if you replace them with the traditional form of lights, you will get great reductions in the monthly electricity bills as well. So make the lighting change by installing these LED downlights that come in various different shapes and sizes and among various types of lights, you can install 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlight that will give you more saving options.
Advantages of 5/6’’ LED downlights are as follows:
  • The 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights produce 1000 lumens and you can replace these 15w downlight LEDs with 100W of any other halogen light.
  • The color temperature options are 3000k, 4000k and 5000k so that you can choose from various different lighting options.
  • Also, these downlights are dimming lights and you will find then compatible with most of the standard dimmers as well.
  • Use these downlight LEDs instantly without waiting much longer to turn these lights on.
  • After successful installing, these downlights can work for more number of hours of at least than 50,000 hours that is much greater than the normal halogen downlights.
  • Also, they are eco-friendly lights and are free from all kind of harmful chemicals such as mercury or halogen, and you will also get 5 Years of Warranty from the manufacturer’s end on buying these downlights.
So use the best lighting technology to illuminate the indoor places by installing these LED downlights that are the perfect way to illuminate the place with maximum brightness and visibility as well.


No matter how expensive your clutch or outfit is, if you have not checked the way you are dressed up, then it might result in big fashion blunders as well. For checking your looks or to apply the right kind of make-up, you need Vanity LED Mirror inside your homes so that you can develop an understanding about your looks before going out. Besides, you can also do the self-grooming tasks such as make-up, cleaning, shaving or dressing needs in the absence of these lighted mirrors. Since there are so many different styled mirrors, you can easily pick the best ones for your bathrooms or dressing rooms as well.

Advantage of using LED Vanity Mirrors:
  • These LED vanity mirrors Utilize the power of LEDs that is helpful in providing an adequate amount of lighting required to apply the make-up. Also, these mirrors have an easy On/Off touch switch button with an in-built defogger that will clean the fog automatically.
  • The Power switch that is there on these LED bathroom lighted mirrors will give you the freedom to change the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K.
  • By installing these LED vanity mirrors inside your commercial or residential places, you can reduce the energy bills by at least 80-90%.
  • You can apply makeup under different levels of color glow making your day more refreshing.
  • These vanity mirrors can be used for more than 50,000 hours and also they have very low maintenance and replacement cost attached to them during this time period.
Now install these eco-friendly LED vanity mirrors inside the bathrooms so that you can enhance your looks.


There is no doubt to the fact the salon lighting can enhance or break your image in front of your customers and also play a significant role in showcasing your image in front of your potential clients. The way you have decorated your place with the interiors and lights is important to consider and while choosing the interiors, don’t forget to add Lighted Makeup Mirror at your place that along with making the place look more beautiful will also help the beauticians in applying the right kind of make-up which in turn will make your clients look more attractive and beautiful. Other benefits of installing these LED vanity mirrors inside the saloon areas beneath:
Advantages of using LED vanity mirrors are as follows:
  • These lighted mirrors deliver amazing lighting quality results and also they have higher CRI higher that is good for a task that requires accurate color discrimination.
  • By using these lighted mirrors against the traditional form of lights, you can expect an energy-saving of more than 80-90% by adjusting the intensity of light.
  • Since there are many different types of vanity mirrors, and among many, you can install 24" X 36" LED vanity mirror as well that can be used at the commercial and residential places as well.
  • The color temperatures of these mirrors from 3000K-6000K and with the help of In-built defogger, these mirrors can be cleaned automatically.
  • Use them for at least 50,000 hours with very low maintenance and no replacement cost.
  • These mirrors are beneficial even at the highly wet places as well.
  • You will get 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer’ end on buying these vanity mirrors.

So install these eco-friendly LED vanity mirrors inside your commercial places and give a chance to your clients to feel pampered and delighted as well.


The advantages of choosing LED Lighting products for the home or business is almost endless and considering the endless benefits of these bulbs, they are being used at numerous places to lighten the place in an energy efficient, cost-effective, and durable way. Since there are so many different LED lighting products available in the market and among many you can install LED bulbs to lighten the indoor commercial and residential places in a more enhanced way. You can install LED PL bulbs that come with GX23 (2 pins) base option and can be installed easily and quickly.
Other advantages of installing LED PL Bulbs are as follows:
  • These LED PL bulbs are easy to retrofit any traditional bulb and require a simple ballast bypass to have a smooth and maintenance-free installing process.
  • You can use these bulbs instantly as they don’t require any warming up as well, unlike the traditional bulbs that make you wait for so long to start up and use them.
  • This 1-Pack LED PL BULB 9W, 5000K that consume just 9w of electricity to produce 800 lumens, when replaced with the traditional 24w light bulbs will give you more savings of at least 75%.
  • Also, the color temperature of these bulbs is 5000K and they provide a neutral white-daywhite light color glow that is perfect for lighting the industrial & commercial applications.
  • The base type of these bulbs is easily fitted into conventional fixtures having GX23 (2 pins) sockets.
So make the right selection by buying these LED PL bulbs that have at least 5-6 times Longer Lifespan than the traditional fluorescent lamps and will give you hassle-free lighting results for a minimum of 50,000 hours.


Why use Integrated tubes over fluorescent tubes? These LED Integrated tubes are more popular because of their energy-efficiency quality. LEDMyplace provides you a specified product 8ft V Shape LED Tube 60W Integrated a designed lighting product for your large spaces like garages, parking and corridors as well.
This one T8 8ft 60W V-Shaped LED Tube Light is so energy-efficiently designed that it can replace 160-watt old fluorescent fixtures, and reach up to 90% energy saving. And this 8ft V Shape LED Tube 60W Integrated is having a 50,000 hours life efficiency while providing you a satisfactory amount of light.

Here are some key points of 8ft V Shape LED Tube 60W Integrated :
  • Easy-Installation
  • Energy-Saving
  • High-CRI>80
  • Easy to plug and play
  • Flicker-Free
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • 7000+ lumens output
  • 180-degree beam angle
  • 50,000 hours of life efficiency
These integrated tubes are having an aluminum heat sink itself which does not lead the device to get heat-up while working and enhances the work-efficiency and durability of the product. Talk to our customer experts on (888-972-6211).


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Lights always play an important role to clarify our spaces and to make them look mesmerizing for others. So, to make your place look more stunning. LEDMyplace brings for you Dimmable Downlights these lights recessed in the ceiling in such a way that emits the light downwards and eliminates all the dark spot in your regular lighting.

This LED downlight is ETL and Energy-Star-Certified ensures the high performance and durability of the product. While this LED Downlights would not compromise with the illumination and a high CRI>90+ shows you as clear surface possible.

Here are some objectives of using LED Downlights :
● Color-Temperature- 3000K to 5000K
● Cost-Efficient
● Rebate-Eligible
● Dimmable
● Approx 3000 lumens output
● ETL Listed
● Energy-Star-Certified
● High CRI>90+
● 50,000 hours of life efficiency
● 5-years manufacturer warranty

Our LED Downlights are one of the most cost-efficient in the online market, just starting at $5.87. Speak to our customer support on (888-972-6211).


If you are looking to replace your old fluorescent tube but didn't want to change your old ballast fixture, then this Ballast Compatible T8 4ft 20W LED Tube will be the perfect choice for you, this 20W LED Tubes can easily replace your 50W fluorescent tube and brings you the 75% of energy-saving.

This Ballast Compatible T8 4ft 20W LED Tube is having the 120-degree of wide beam angle which covers your large spaces without leaving a dark-spot. While it provides you 5000K of color temperature with the output of 3000lm which ensures sufficient brightness at your place.

Here are some features of Ballast Compatible T8 4ft 20W LED Tube:
  • Rebate eligible
  • Easy to install
  • The wide beam angle of 120-degree
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • High CRI>80
  • 50,000 hours life expectancy
  • Ballast compatible
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Flicker-free
  • Instant-start
In comparison to fluorescent Tubes, it does not emit any harmful and toxic elements, and these Ballast Compatible T8 4ft 20W LED Tube having an embedded SMD-Chip to ensure the high performance and constancy.


Owning a gas station is a big deal but maintaining would be a tough task and, when it comes to lighting you have to be very specific because lighting plays a major role and ensures the visibility between your gas-stations and your customers. Because of this LEDMyplace come up with LED Canopy Lights a fixture which can offer you up to 17000 lumens output with a color temperature of 5700K which creates a true ambiance at your gas-stations.
While providing you the utmost illumination theseLED Gas Station Canopy Lights is designed to conserve energy as well it can replace your old (MH) metal-halide fixture up to 180 watts, and a dimmable feature leads you to control the brightness of the fixture according to your needs.

Here are some features of LED Canopy Lights:
  • Wattage input up to -150 watt
  • CCT- 5700K (Day-white-light)
  • Rebate eligible
  • Dimmable
  • Replaces (MH) fixture up to- 180 watt
  • Lumens output up-to- 17000lm
  • ETL & DLC Listed
  • DLC Premium Listed
  • IP65-water and dust-proof
  • 50,000 hours life expectancy
  • 5-Years manufacturer warranty
  • 30-Days return policy
  • Free-Shipping on 99$
LEDMyplace offers these LED Canopy Lights 4 wattage- 45 watt, 70- watt, 75-watt, and 150-watt so, you can choose according to your preference. Still having any query contact our experts on (888-972-6211).


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The way the lights are affecting the environment plays a significant role in choosing the best lights; the LED lights are the best lights that can be used for wider purposes without damaging nature. You can use a 4ft 20W High Output T8 LED Tube that comes with a wider beam angle covering a major portion.
Advantages of using a 4ft 20 LED Tubes are as follows:
  • These 4ft 20w LED Tubes are designed in a way to lighten the surroundings with no flickering or humming noise. Also, the lumen output of these LED tubes is about 2600 and by upgrading to these lights, you can make a savings of 80% by replacing it with a 50w of any fluorescent tube.
  • Once installed these 4ft 20w LED Tubes can work for a period of at least 50,000 hours even if you use them for a full day with turning them on for 24 hours also. Also, the color temperature is 4000k.
  • The strong Thermal Management keeps the tubes cool even if used for a longer period of time.
  • Enjoy their UL and DLC certification that gives you a chance to get attractive rebates from the electric companies as well.
  • Also, get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer’ end this making your investment more safe and secured.
So use these eco-friendly 4ft 20w LED Tubes that will prevent the environment from all kind of harmful substances and give your loved ones a greener and cleaner air to breathe in.


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