Im robert am from and we breed munchkin kitten i saw your forum online and am so happy to be here I bought my first Munchkin (called Micky!) in 2007 and started breeding shortly thereafter. Many years later and I'm still in love with the breed. Munchkins are a quirky, friendly and outgoing breed of cat. I produce quality kittens with friendly personalities, cute faces and an array of coat colors which enhance the cuteness of their short legs. My cats and kittens are raised indoors and in a safe, outdoor enclosure with plenty of toys and room to play. All of my breeding cats have recently been DNA tested for genetic and contagious diseases and have a clean bill of health.For more information on this fantastic little breed, or if you are interested in purchasing a kitten, please don't hesitate to contact me. All kittens are vaccinated and desexed prior to sale. https://munchkin.company.com


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