Hello From Boulder, Colorado!


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Hi everyone. My name is Kody and I currently live in Boulder, Colorado. I am a hobbyist when it comes to buying and selling online, but I hope to make this my full time job in the future. I love discovering old treasures and will eventually locate some sort of storage facility in which to store everything I've already found and will find in the years to come. Most of my enjoyment stems from someone purchasing what I've found. I love the idea of a person out there finding joy in my efforts. Anyway, this seems to be the perfect website. It's got a community element to it and it feels very easy to navigate. I like it a lot so far.

Say hello and tell me where you're from!


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Hi Kody,
Good luck with making it your full time job! I am Laureen from Pine Grove, California. It is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
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