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Apr 18, 2019
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Considering adding a deck to your property?

Decks obviously offer an extension of your home for outdoor entertaining but did you know there are so many options these days as well so you can enhance the features to make it your own. No basic decks for you!

You can add an overhang to protect yourself and your deck from the sun, the added benefit to that is you can also have lighting installed in the ceiling or fans for the hot summer nights.

There are so many stain options available as well so you have more flexibility during the design process. Unlike a concrete patio, you have so many options with a deck. You can have a massive deck off the back of your home that opens up panoramic views (increases the value of your home) and that deck can lead down to multi levels of decking below. The other pro of a deck is that you don’t need a level yard to add to your outdoor entertaining space.

Want to add a pergola? How about a gazebo with built in seats? Planter boxes, hot tub? All of these enhancements are much easier to include in the design when you chose to add a deck to your home.

Not sure what deck design would be right for you? There are a ton of images online to get your imagination flowing and if you still need help or if you aren’t sure your design is right for your home, we are happy to help with the planning and building of the perfect deck for your family.

Extra bonus besides gaining outdoor entertaining space….the average return on investment for a new deck addition runs around 75% which is a great ROI where home improvements are concerned!


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