$12000/1000m2 - Land Plot for Sale in Mykolaiv (Ukraine)


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Sep 5, 2019
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My name is Alla.

I live in Ukraine, Mykolaiv city, Mykolaiv region. I am the owner of the land plot of 1000 sq.m. I putting for sale, which is located in an ecologically clean area of the city.
Why am I selling?

We with my husband were intended to build a house for our family on this land, but our children grew up and now leave separately. Therefore we don’t need a big house for two people.
About Mykolaiv city

Mykolaiv is a medium-sized city in the south of Ukraine. Its population is about 483 thousand people. It is quiet and nice with good infrastructure, many cultural and historical attractions, and most important — very comfortable for living.
Life in Mykolaiv

Give you an opportunity to eat natural, ecological friendly vegetables and fruits (if you wish, you can grow them by yourself, the plot stands on world-famous Ukrainian black soil). You will taste natural farm milk and cottage cheese, not that synthetic market products.

We have a well-developed trading network: farmers’ markets and supermarkets within walking distance from a place of residence in any area of the city.

Logistics is well developed. Mykolaiv have its own : railway station, airport, sea port.
What is near?
65 km to Kherson
132 km to Odessa
30 km to the Black Sea
15 km to the airport

Why Land in Ukraine?

Here, in the south of Ukraine, we have a very pleasant mild climate. And the most important that Mykolaiv is far away from the San Andreas Fault, from the Yellowstone Volcano and from the ocean tsunamis

In anticipation of global cataclysms, which we are constantly warned by scientists and prophets (Atlanta cataclysm, Cosmic cataclysms), many wealthy people acquire land and build houses, shelters in New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, but these are territories with a high degree of risk (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis).
Buying my land!
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