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Almandine Garnet is strong regenerative healing stone bringing strength and stamina. It is supportive in taking time for yourself, bringing deep love and aids in integrating truth and affinity with higher self. It opens higher minds and encourages charity and compassion.Almandine garnet gold and silver earring helps you to absorb iron in the intestines and stimulates eye and treats liver and pancreas ...

Miami, Florida
Posted on Nov 24, 2018


Rose Quartz brings love in your life as it teaches how to love yourself, specially if your have thought yourself to be undeserving of honest love or UNLOVABLE! Its difficult to receive love from others or give love to them unless we love ourself enough - Rose Quartz brings respect and acceptance for our own being. Rose quartz with Amethyst healing mala bracelet helps in grounding and stabilises the meditator while performing high level of meditations.Rose Quartz is a finest Healer. It is...

Miami, Florida
Posted on Nov 20, 2018

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